My Resume / Mon CV

Finishing my Master’s degree in Tourism and Travel Management, I am currently seeking for a job in Tourism, Travel and Communication. I would love to work in an international, multicultural environment. As a native french speaker, I would like to improve my English speaking and writing skills.

Born in the nineties, I’m a Millennial : I’m a multi-potential digital native and productive individual. As for me, I am what one could call a Jack-of-all-trades. As a blogger, I’m creative, I love to write and to share my opinion, my travel journeys and discoveries. As an amateur photograph and illustrator, I love to be creative and innovating. I’m passionate about Internet, online community management on social networks since I pass my Master’s degree in Communication.

Here is some of my work :

I love to involve myself in several team projects. I love to improve my organizational and leadership skills since I had several opportunities to be a team leader / chief project in college.

Find here my Resume